This post builds off of the previous post, How To Create Your Personal Rules For Success. If you haven’t created your 10 rules yet, take 15 minutes and make them before proceeding.

Half the Pie

Examine your 10 rules. They shouldn’t be any type of priority. That’s okay for now. On your list, there are 5 rules that speak to you more than the other 5. Begin to pick the top 5 that stand out most to you.

Don’t think of eliminating 5 rules, but more of which 5 rules rise to the top for you personally. The idea is to pick the rules that you would like to focus most on in your current season of life.

Here’s an example:

  1. Commit to a life of learning
  2. Cook well
  3. Inspire Greatness
  4. Read often
  5. Learn from the experts
  6. Form good habits
  7. Good food, good folk
  8. Focus
  9. Be true to yourself
  10. Find your passion

Best Two Slices

You’ve halved the pie now let’s dig in.

Examine your 5 rules. Start to think which 2 rules are the most important to you. Which 2 rules ultimately call to the deepest part of your heart. Ask yourself, “Which 2 rules, if fulfilled right now, would make me the most successful?”

Ultimately what you are doing is zeroing in on the 2 most important principles that will lead you to your version of a successful life. This part is probably the most challenging. Take your time and ponder a bit. If you had to put these 5 rules in order of highest priority and meaning to you, what rule would be first and second?

The 2 rules you choose will become your Master Rules To Success.

Here’s an example:

  1. Commit to a life of learning
  2. Cook well
  3. Inspire Greatness
  4. Read often
  5. Learn from the experts
  6. Form good habits
  7. Good food, good folk
  8. Focus
  9. Be true to yourself
  10. Find your passion

Powerful Questions

“Successful people ask better questions, and as a result, they get better answers.”

-Tony Robbins

You now have 2 of your most important rules to success. But we need a way to turn these rules into actionable steps.

The way you will do that is with questions. Why questions? Because, questions demand answers, and answers are actionable. What time do we need to leave for the movies? We must leave by 5:45pm. That answer is the action you must take in order to satisfy the question. Forming your Master Rules into questions is how you uncover ways to fulfill your successful life.

Let’s say one of your Master Rules of living a successful life is to Dance Salsa. You can ask:

  1. Where can I take lessons to learn how to salsa?
  2. What are the top salsa dance songs?
  3. Who is the best salsa dancer in the world?
  4. Are there dance schools near me that teach salsa?
  5. What can I do to make sure I dance salsa each day?

The goal here is to create questions that will lead to fulfilling your Master Rule. Here’s another example:

If one of your Master Rules is to Love Deeper, ask questions like:

  1. The next time I see my significant other, how can I love them more deeply?
  2. How much do I love the ones closest to me?
  3. When is the next time I will show my family I love them?

One thing all successful people have in common is they are problem solvers. And the first step to solving a problem is to ask questions. After that, you can begin solving it. Transforming your Master Rules into questions is the fastest way to reveal how to live your successful life.

Actionable Answers

Every question demands an answer. It is the answers to the questions you ask that will create action and momentum in your life.

Choose one of the questions and begin writing down all the answers that come to you. Let the answers flow from your pen.

  • Where can I take lessons to learn how to salsa?
    • Fuego Dance Studio located downtown
    • Lessons offered at my local college
    • A friend of mine knows how to salsa. I can ask her for lessons.

If you notice, you are actively participating in fulfilling your success. It is these answers that will lead you to Dancing Salsa to your heart’s content. You are basically writing your very own how-to manual on fulfilling your successful life.

Surface To The Roots

If you notice you are starting with a general rule, like Find Your Passion or Never Give Up. This rule is at the surface level of your Personal Rules To Success. You then begin to dig down to the roots to uncover what are the 2 most important Rules to Your Success. Next, we evolve those Master Rules into questions in order to reveal actionable answers. Lastly, you act on the answers you gave at least once a day. These answers will begin to automatically feed your success.

You have created a Personal System of Success that is designed to win by default. Sweet.

Take Action

Action Steps

  1. From your list of 10 rules choose 5 that stick out to you from all the others.
  2. From your list of 5 rules, choose 2 that, if fulfilled today, would dramatically change your life in a positive way.
  3. Transform your 2 Master Rules into questions
  4. Begin answering those questions. (Try to think of at least 5 answers).
  5. Start small, and form a habit of taking action on at least one of the answers each day of your life.

I’ll leave you with mine. Cheers.

1. Commit to a life of learning

  • How can I learn more every day?
    • I can read a book for 15 minutes a day
    • I can take a course on
    • I can take on learning a new skill.
  • What do I enjoy learning about?
    • Business
    • Economics
    • Psychology
  • What can I start learning today?
    • How to start an online business
    • Marketing techniques

2. Inspire Greatness

  • Who can I inspire?
    • My friends
    • My family
    • My nephews
  • How can I help people become great?
    • Start a blog about tips on how to win at life
    • Teach a course on the skills I’ve learned
  • What can I do today to make someone feel great?
    • Hug them
    • Compliment them

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